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Thank you for visiting our bonsai pages. All the trees here are the actual bonsai you receive when you order. Every month we carefully select at least 30 new Trees of the Month and list them on the site, from specimen trees to Shohin and everything in between. We invite you to visit our nursery to get the full experience and to see the many hundreds of trees we offer from our eight beautiful greenhouses.

Bonsai do not include stands, accent plants or other material pictured. Naturally you will receive the tree and the pot! Please see the bottom of the page for shipping and care information and please feel free to call us with any questions at 508•883•2842

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Aozora Imported Satsuki Azalea (O,F)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. From the 2015 imports. This specim ...

Arboricola (I)
Price:  $129.00
Look no further if you are looking for a ...

Bougainvillea (I,F)
Price:  $0.00
Being re-styled... A beautiful bougainvi ...

Brazilian Rain Tree (I,F)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you J.R. Brazilian Raintrees ...

Camellia (O,F)
Price:  $350.00
Well, what can you say? This beautiful c ...

Camellia (O,F/F)
Price:  $125.00
Tea is made from Camellia, not this vari ...

Chinese Elm (O,D)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Not sure if this would qualify as ...

Chinese Quince (O,D F/F)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. 14 inch pot. 3 1/2 inch trunk base ...

Chinese Quince 'Karin' (O,D,F/F)
Price:  $2,000.00
Karin' Chinese Quince. 16 inch pot. 8 in ...

Chinese Quince (O,D,F/F)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Squat quince. This tree has great ...

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Additional Information
Key to Bonsai Codes

= Should be grown outdoors but needs winter protection.
= Deciduous. Will drop its leaves in fall and needs appropriate dormancy.
= Can be grown indoors year-round (but prefers outdoors when above 50 degrees F).
FF = Will (or can) produce flowers and fruits.
= Will (or can) flower.
= general picture of tree type - the tree you receive will not be the exact one pictured

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