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These are one-of-a-kind trees. When you order, you get the exact tree in the picture. These pre-bonsai have been specially selected for their qualities of health, form, trunk taper, branch ramification and over suitablity to bonsai culture. We recommend root pruning and transplanting ONLY at the proper time of year, which is when the tree is at its strongest. Complete care instructions will be included. If you have questions feel free to contact us.

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Dwarf European Olive (I,F/F)
Price:  $349.00
With dense branching- nicely ramified. A ...

Dwarf European Olive (I,F/F)
Price:  $250.00
As you can see, to fully show the trunk ...

Dwarf European Olive (I,F/F)
Price:  $199.00
1 and 1/2 inch base tapering to 3/4 inch ...

Dwarf European Olive (I,F/F)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you L.A. This is a wild, col ...

European Beech (O,D)
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you S.F. So sweet- we couldn ...

Ficus Carica (O,F/F)
Price:  $189.00
Edible fig. Ficus carica. The leaves are ...

Flowering and Fruiting Pomegranate (O,D,F/F)
Price:  $129.00
Pomegranates will drop their leaves in t ...

Japanese Black Pine (O)
Price:  $149.00
1 inch trunk. 8 inch pot. 14 inches tall ...

Japanese Black Pine (O)
Price:  $0.00
old. Japanese Black Pines are fondly ref ...

Japanese Black Pine (O)
Price:  $275.00
Japanese Black Pines are fondly referred ...

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