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Tokoname has produced exceptional ceramics since 1100 AD. That tradition continues unbroken to this day. We are pleased to offer you some fine bonsai pots from this esteemed tradition. Some pots are one of a kind, some are old and some are new. If signed, we show the artists signature. All were hand-selected on recent trips to Japan.

Measurements are from outside edges. Packing and shipping charges and procedures may vary for these special pots.

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Koyo Small Antique Oval
Price:  $0.00
Sold.Thank you S.S. If you are looking f ...

Mount Fuji Commemerative
Price:  $69.00
Congratulations Mt. Fuji! Designated as ...

Oval ornate with feet
Price:  $145.00
It's ornate, yet solid and earthy at the ...

Ranzan Tani Hand Painted rectangle
Price:  $150.00
Flying under the radar but not unknown i ...

Ranzan Tani Hand Painted round
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you.W.S. Flying under the ra ...

Reiho Antique Oval
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you J.J.!One of our best pot ...

Seibu Graduated Rust Rectangle.
Price:  $245.00
Not old but crafted to look aged. So wou ...

Small Antique Etched Rectangle
Price:  $0.00
Sold. Thank you R.S. Just under 1 inch d ...

Yamaaki Brown Oval
Price:  $0.00
Sold. 14 1/4 inches by 11 1/4 inches by ...

Yamaaki Rihi
Price:  $149.00
Good depth, 3 1/2 inches. 7 3/8 inches a ...

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