• Large Japanese Maple (WEB3416)

    Large Japanese Maple (WEB3416)

    Japanese Maple Hollow Creek Bonsai Acquisition brought this bonsai to NEBG in late 2019. This is a tree we had a chance to repot in early 2020, but it was not styled. Fresh soil, and ready for styling. You can see that the top of the tree has brown...

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  • Large Japanese Mountain Maple (WEB3722)

    Large Japanese Mountain Maple (WEB3722)

    Japanese Mountain Maple.  This tree was acquired in 2019 when we acquired Hollow Creek Bonsai. It has spent most of it's life in Rochester NY and now live at NEBG. It's a beautiful trees. We would prefer to not ship this tree. If shipping is your...

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  • Large Trident Maple (WEB3832)

    Large Trident Maple (WEB3832)

    Trident Maple We're listing this large Trident Maple as a pre-bonsai. This was a Hollow Creek Bonsai and we ran out of time for a spring repot. The ceramic container is is good shape, but the soil is not ideal. It should be repotted next spring. We know...

    MSRP: $2,255.00
    Was: $2,255.00
    Now: $1,900.00
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  • Root-Over-Rock Trident Maple (WEB1444)

    Root-Over-Rock Trident Maple (WEB1444)

    Root-Over-Rock Trident Maple This Root-Over-Rock Trident has been at the nursery for a couple years. It's always been behind other powerful trees and now is it's time to shine. It's a heavy tree, planted in a Glazed Japanese Ceramic Pot. It was...

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