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San Jose Juniper - Conifer Bonsai

General Information: This juniper is notable for its striking green foliage and beautiful bark . This beautiful conifer measures 11 inches in height and has a spread of 12 inches. The stiff irregular branches makes this bonsai quite attractive with its sage green foliage.


  • Height - 11 inches
  • Spread - 12 inches
  • Pot Size - 7"

How To Care:

  • Lighting: Full sun
  • Temperature: Zone 4
  • Watering: Spray the foliage with water daily during the growing season. Water when the soil is moderately dry (to a depth of 1/2 to 1 inch) but do not let the soil dry out completely
  • Feeding: Recommended to feed junipers from early spring to autumn every 20-30 days using a slow-acting organic fertilizer

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