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Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book

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Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book

By: Jerry Meislik


Jerry Meislik dives deeply into the fascinating world of Ficus & Fig Bonsai, and the numerous ways this species can be trained. This book is ideal for a beginner Bonsai grower, as well as the advanced Bonsai grower that wants to learn more about Ficus trees.


"Indoor bonsai growers are indebted to Jerry Meislik for sharing his knowledge and experiences growing Ficus bonsai indoors. This is the single most comprehensive and understandable book on Ficus bonsai. I would suggest this book as required reading for everyone growing Ficus bonsai indoors or outdoors."

- James J. Smith, Vero Beach, Florida, Ficus grower, internationally acclaimed Bonsai master



Softcover - 144 Pages.

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