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Golden Gate Ficus with Air Roots (B1202)

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Product Description

This Golden Gate Ficus with Air Roots, like all other Ficus varieties, require warm and humid environments to thrive.

Grown for the attractive gray trunk, this species grows a thick, sturdy trunk to compliment the shiny green leaves. They prefer to be an indoor plant, but obviously outdoors in the summer months - provided the temperature isn't below the mid-50s. Too much fluctuation in temperature will cause leaf drop.

The base on this Ficus measures at 4 1/2" with a 2 1/2" trunk. The tree is 19" tall with a 23" spread. It's in a 15" glazed bonsai pot.  

SHIPPING: Please note that we try our best to estimate the shipping cost. However, with the introduction of Dimensional Weight by all major shipping carriers (we used to pay for the actual weight of the item - now it's weight and box size, and destination), we could be off by a few dollars (Up or Down). We want to ensure that every tree ships and arrives safely to your home. Therefore, if we missed the mark on our shipping estimate, we will notify you. And, if we need to refund you money because we over estimated, we will. 


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