• Soil Scoops

    Set of three plastic soil scoops. Made in Japan.  Pretty much a must have when transplanting.

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  • Lime Sulfur - Jin Seal 4oz

    Traditional treatment to bleach and preserve deadwood on Bonsai. Apply undiluted with a synthetic bristle artist brush onto dampened deadwood. Best results can be obtained when if applied in full sun. Remove excess bark immediately with a damp cloth...

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  • Gift Certificate (GC_100)

    If you have a bonsai enthusiast in your circle of friends and family you're in luck. Because a gift certificate from us is a very good gift for them. These are the old fashioned kind- paper!  You can order in any amount. We have denominations of...

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  • Pines Masters Series Book

    Pines Masters Series Book

    Pines Master Series Book Includes: needle reduction, energy balancing, sPintyles and styling, nebari development, branch development, trunk taper, sacrifice branches, bending large branches, rock planting, transplanting, choosing the right pot, plant...

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  • Juniper Masters Series Book

    Stone Lantern's book-collected articles from Bonsai Today magazine and more. Juniper care, maintenance, reshaping and some tips from the masters including Harry Hirao, Ernie Kuo, Keiko Tamaki and others. 173 pp. Paperback.

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  • Leaf Pruner

    Leaf Pruner. For bud nipping and leaf pruning. This tool is most useful when working at the tips of the branches.

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  • Uncle Bill's All Natural Pesticide from New England Bonsai Gardens

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s All-Natural Pesticide

    Uncle Bill’s ALL NATURAL Pesticide Bonsai trees are not much different than most trees.  If not cared for, bonsai trees can be a utopia for bugs. This is why it is important to be proactive in the care and treatment of your bonsai...

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  • Imported BioGold Pellet Fertilizer

    BioGold Imported by New England Bonsai Gardens Biogold contains several types of natural bacteria for a slow but steady release of organic nutrients without disrupting soil chemistry (NPK 5.5/6.5/3.5) There’s a perfect balance of plant nutrients...

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  • Small Branch Bender

    Branch Benders are used when a trunk or branch needs to have additional pressure to bend into different positions. Hooks and jacks are coated with a red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize and scuffing or damage. After level is in place, you...

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  • Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV2)

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. This brush has a long handle, and stiff stainless steel bristles will access hard to access areas that other Bonsai brushes cannot reach. Scrubbing trunks and branches several times a...

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  • Yoshiaki Bonsai Shears Carbon Steel (A4)

    These professional Yoshiaki Bonsai shears are excellent for detail pruning. slightly larger than A-2 and smaller than A3. Larger loop handles are spaced to avoid accidental crushing. Very long life with proper use. They're truly are a delight to use and...

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