• Yoshiaki

    Yoshiaki Large Handle Bonsai Shears (A5)

    Professional Grade Bonsai Shear Whether you're in the Bonsai business or just passionate about your own trees, these Professional Grade butterfly style shears from Yoshiaki are going to blow you away. The blades on this particular shear are made from...

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  • Branch Bender - Bend a Trunk or Branch

    Bonsai Branch Bender Branch Benders are used when a trunk or branch needs to have additional pressure to bend into different positions. Hooks and jacks are coated with a red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize and scuffing or damage. After...

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  • Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV2)

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. This brush has a long handle, and stiff stainless steel bristles will access hard to access areas that other Bonsai brushes cannot reach. Scrubbing trunks and branches several times a...

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  • Heavy Duty Soil Scoop

    Heavy duty Soil Scoop with handle. Made In Japan These are bigger heavier and stronger than other scoops and it has a sturdy wooden handle for easy use. 8" length, 4.5" height.

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  • Kanuma Premium Bonsai Soil 3.2 Quarts

    Kanuma Premium Bonsai Soil (3.2 Quart)

    Kanuma Premium Bonsai Soil - Ready To Use. 3.2 Quart Bag  Kanuma is a granular Japanese Potting Medium for Acid-Loving Bonsai. This ships in original 3.2 Quart Bag with mixed size granules From the Kanuma region of Japan. The Japanese love...

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  • Einstein Oil Leaf Shine - All Natural Pesticide

    All natural pesticide leaf shine. Made with 100% organic first extraction, cold-pressed neem oil. Non-toxic to humans, pets, and wildlife.    Directions: 1. Add 1/2-2 tsp. of Einstein oil to 1 quart of warm water. 2. Add several drops of...

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  • Mite-x Ready To Use Spray

    Mite-x ready to use insect spray by Bonide. Can be used indoors or outdoors.   Controls Mites, Thrips, & Aphids. Made from plant extracts.

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  • Bonsai Tool Cleaning Block

    This Bonsai tool cleaning block is used to keep your shears, and other cutting tools with straight blades sharp and clean.   Measurements: 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"

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  • Yoshiaki Jin and Wire Pliers

    These pliers are about 7 1/4" in length. An ideal size for applying strength onto the wires or branches for styling or for twisting bonsai tree anchor wire. Jin Pliers are awesome. They are used to carefully remove or peal back bark for the purpose...

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  • Yoshiaki Traditional Bonsai Wire Cutter

    Yoshiaki Traditional Bonsai Wire Cutter

    Yoshiaki Traditional Bonsai Wire Cutter Designed to cut wire cleanly without damaging branches. Wire cutters are indispensable tools. If you can only afford 3 tools, you'll want to buy shears, concave cutters, and wire cutters. These are the traditional...

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  • Japanese Cut Paste Kit

    Japanese Cut Paste Kit Cut paste not only hides wounds made by pruning, it also helps trees to heal. Green cap is for Conifers/Azaleas. White cap is for Deciduous and all species except Conifers. 160gm Jars

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  • Forest, Rock Planting and Ezo Spruce Bonsai

    Forest, Rock Planting and Ezo Spruce Bonsai Forest, Rock Planting and Ezo Spruce Bonsai. From the late, great Saburo Kato of Omiya village. The title pretty much says it all. Hardcover. Color photos and beautiful line drawings. 175pp.

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  • Sandflex Cleaning & Polishing Block (Fine)

    Sandflex Cleaning & Polishing Block (Fine). This block can be used to clean your Bonsai tools, and remove any rust found on your tools. The blocks can be cut into smaller pieces to fit your specific tool needs. Can use dry or with lubricant...

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  • Pyrethrin Concentrate 8 FL. OZ

    Bonide Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Concentrate is a formulation of botanical pesticides perfect for natural gardeners! Use to control insects on fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals. Bonide Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray kills aphids, beetles,...

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  • Yoshiaki Azalea & Bud Bonsai Shear

    Compact Azelea and bud shear. It's the smallest in the A-Series and great for smaller hands and bud snipping.  These - as all Japanese Yoshiaki Tools - are hand forged with high-carbon steel. They are the preferred tools of World Renown Bonsai...

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