• Bonsai with Japanese Maples Book

    Bonsai with Japanese Maples - By Peter Adams

    Bonsai with Japanese Maples by Peter Adams With their delicate foliage, seasonal color changes, and intricate pattern of branching, Japanese maples are among the most popular and suitable plants for bonsai design. In this long-awaited book,...

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  • Bonsai Branch Bending Kit

    Holiday Special: 5 Piece Branch Bending Set

    5-Piece Branch Bending Set Branch Benders are used when a trunk or branch needs to have additional pressure to bend into different positions. Hooks and jacks are coated with a red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize and scuffing or damage...

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    Now: $75.00
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  • Bonsai Tree Desktop Grow Light

    Bonsai Tree Desktop Grow Light  Does your window not provide your tree with the sun it needs? This is a natural spectrum daylight for Bonsai trees and any other indoor plant. The height is adjustable and measures from 15" to over 2" high. This...

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  • Sandflex Cleaning & Polishing Block (Coarse)

    Sandflex Cleaning & Polishing Block (Coarse). This block can be used to clean your Bonsai tools, and remove any rust found on your tools. The blocks can be cut into smaller pieces to fit your specific tool needs. Can use dry or with lubricant...

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  • Ficus The Exotic Bonsai By Jerry Meislik

    Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book

    Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book By: Jerry Meislik  Jerry Meislik dives deeply into the fascinating world of Ficus & Fig Bonsai, and the numerous ways this species can be trained. This book is ideal for a beginner Bonsai grower, as well as the...

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  • Suiseki Viewing Stone (VS08)

    Suiseki (水石) are small naturally occurring or shaped rocks. They are similar to Chinese scholar's rocks. Suiseke is a Japanese term for beautiful and meaningful stones. Suiseki are often only a few inches long (and sometimes up to 18 inches or more)...

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  • Yoshiaki Jin and Wire Pliers (D9)

    Similar to the DO Jin Pliers, the D9 is longer and used for more aggressive work. These pliers are about 9" in length. An ideal size for applying strength onto the wires or branches for styling or for twisting bonsai tree anchor wire. Jin Pliers...

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  • Medium Yoshiaki Root Pruners


    Yoshiaki Root Pruner - Medium

    Medium Yoshiaki Root Pruner Root pruning is important to the health of your bonsai. No tree can stay in the same bonsai pot indefinitely without eventual root work.  The Yoshiaki Root Pruners are built strong and designed for the toughest bonsai...

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  • Trimming and Thinning Shears - Red Handle

    Koshiji Trimming and Thinning Shears Increase your gardening efficiency with our stainless steel, professional-grade pruning shears. The spring-loaded blades create an easier cutting action and reduce user fatigue. For safety, a catch is provided to...

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  • Okatsune Round Tip Trimming Shears - NO. 306

    Okatsune Round Tip Trimming Shears - NO. 306

    Okatsune Round Tip Trimming Shears Imported Okatsune Trimming Shears designed specifically for cutting very soft stems. The stainless steel blades make them professional-grade pruning shears. The spring-loaded blades create an easier cutting action and...

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  • Bonsai Cut Paste for Conifer and Azalea's

    Japanese Cut Paste - Conifers and Azalea's

    Bonsai Cut Paste - Excellent for Conifers and Azalea's A thick paste made to seal off cuts and keep sap from bleeding. Very popular with experienced bonsai professionals. When an injury or break in the bark exposes the underlying wood, bacteria and...

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  • Beautiful Bonsai by Bruno Delmer

    Beautiful Bonsai

    Beautiful Bonsai By Bruno Delmer Inspired by nature, and guided by man, bonsais personify the perfect tree. With an abundance of superb color photographs (many full-page) and information about cultivation, you can enjoy the bonsai's beauty and...

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  • Plant Propagation by Graham Clarke

    The Complete Book Of Plant Propagation

    The Complete Book Of Plant Propagation by Graham Clarke By Masahiko Kimura & Alan Toogood Raising plants from seeds or cuttings is one of a gardener's greatest joys. All aspects of the subject, including specific information on equipment...

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  • Bonsai Gallery Pocket Book

    Bonsai Today's Pocket Bonsai Gallery

    Bonsai Today's Pocket Bonsai Gallery Some of the best bonsai trees in the world. Each with its own full page. If you enjoy beauty & bonsai trees, this book is for you. If you are a bonsai enthusiast, the bonsai tree masterpieces in this book will...

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  • Niwaki Pruning by Jake Hobson

    Niwaki by Jake Hobson

    Niwaki, by Jake Hobson Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way Hardcover with 144 pages. 228 color photos, 46 drawings and 2 maps. 9" x 10 1/2" Over the years, Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of pruning...

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