• Yoshiaki

    Yoshiaki Large Handle Bonsai Shears (A5)

    Professional Grade Bonsai Shear Whether you're in the Bonsai business or just passionate about your own trees, these Professional Grade butterfly style shears from Yoshiaki are going to blow you away. The blades on this particular shear are made from...

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  • 500gr Bonsai Wire (1.5mm)

    500gr Bonsai Wire (1.5mm)  Bonsai wire for styling and shaping branches. Reusable and easy to apply. This type of wire is easier to apply, and less likely to damaged your tree.  500gr = 350 feet of wire

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  • Super Thrive Vitamins (4oz)

    (4oz) Super Thrive Vitamins - The original vitamin solution enhanced with kelp. May be added to any fertilizing program.   Instructions: Mix 1 drop per gallon, and 4 drops per gallon for reducing stress   Apply to thirsty soil daily,...

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  • Small Branch Bender

    Branch Benders are used when a trunk or branch needs to have additional pressure to bend into different positions. Hooks and jacks are coated with a red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize and scuffing or damage. After level is in place, you...

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  • Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV2)

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. This brush has a long handle, and stiff stainless steel bristles will access hard to access areas that other Bonsai brushes cannot reach. Scrubbing trunks and branches several times a...

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  • Yoshiaki Scissor-Style Bonsai Wire Cutter

    If you like finger loops, you may want to give these scissor-style cutters a try. Its larger style is hefty enough for the thickest wire, while the smaller size is best used with fine-gauge wire.  Don't use hardware store wire cutters. These...

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  • Yoshiaki Bonsai Shears Carbon Steel (A4)

    These professional Yoshiaki Bonsai shears are excellent for detail pruning. slightly larger than A-2 and smaller than A3. Larger loop handles are spaced to avoid accidental crushing. Very long life with proper use. They're truly are a delight to use and...

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  • Gift Certificate (GC_50)

    If you have a bonsai enthusiast in your circle of friends and family you're in luck. Because a gift certificate from us is a very good gift for them. These are the old fashioned kind- paper!  You can order in any amount. We have denominations of...

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  • Kanuma Bonsai Soil 2 Quarts

    A processed soil from the Kanuma region in Japan. It is a light tan color, breaks down fairly easily, and is an excellent soil for azalea bonsai. This and other Japanese soils are best in Japan's comparatively warmer, wetter climate. However, many...

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  • SHOHIN | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil (5 Gallons)

    Shohin Bonsai Soil This professional grade bonsai soil uses the best ingredients available to create a healthy growing medium for your Shohin bonsai. The ingredients are sized for your Shohin tree.  All ingredients have been sifted to remove...

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  • Heavy Duty Soil Scoop

    Heavy duty Soil Scoop with handle. Made In Japan These are bigger heavier and stronger than other scoops and it has a sturdy wooden handle for easy use. 8" length, 4.5" height.

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