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Gird List
  • Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV5)
    Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV5) $12.95

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. This brush has a long handle, and stiff stainless steel bristles will access hard to access areas that other Bonsai brushes cannot reach. Scrubbing trunks...

  • Table Top Bonsai Turntable Workstand
    Table Top Bonsai Turntable Workstand $259.95

      This is a high quality, well made turntable that measures 18" across the table and is covered in rubber to protect the cherry stained top. This turntable has 6 eye screws for tieing your work down, and the table...

  • Tinyroots Root Rake & Tweezers Tool
    Tinyroots Root Rake & Tweezers Tool $10.95

    Tweezers can be used to pluck and remove weeds, or to pinch off growth. 3-Prong root rake is used to remove soil from around the roots, while separating the roots. The symmetrical spatulas are well suited for tamping...


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