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Pure Neem Oil Organic Leaf Polish

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Pure Neem Oil Organic Leaf Polish (8oz)

Neem oil is pressed from seeds of the Indian Neem tree that is located in Eastern India. It's a natural pesticide and fungicide for many different plants, and is not harmful to humans and pets or beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs.  Neem oil will control pests such as - white fly, aphids, root weevil, nematodes, slugs, and mealy bugs. Also protects against fungal diseases such as scale, rust, black spots, and powdery mildew. 



1. Mix 1 quart water per 1 1/2 tsp. Neem oil

2. Add 1/2 tsp. of Pro-TeKt or mild dish soap as a emulsifier.

3. Shake well 

4. Apply as a foliar spray or drench directly into soil.


Neem oil may solidify at cool temperatures. Store in temperatures above 65° F and 95° F. If oil thickens, place bottle in hot water.


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