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Shimpaku Juniper. Kishu Graft.

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Shimpaku Juniper.

We have had this  venerable for about 25 years, and it was probably 25 or so  when we got it.  ( It had been in training and not for sale for most of that time).

Hand picked from Masaru Ishii's fine nursery. Grafted to black pine or San Jose understock.

12 " pot. 14" tall. 1 1/2" trunk

Shimpaku junipers have fine qualities, especially suited to  bonsai culture. Tiny needles which can be pinched at the end of well ramified branches, producing a cloud like effect. Generally vigorous, they respond well to proper hard pruning. The red underbark is a beautiful warm tone that can be used to highlight the jin and shari carving.

Shimpaku junipers are in the top  tier of bonsai specimens for these reasons, and more.


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