7 Piece (KOYO) Japanese Tool Set

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KOYO Japanese Tool Set - 7 Pieces

This KOYO Japanese tool kit provides all the bonsai tools for a bonsai enthusiast, and you'll save more than you would by buying individual pieces. 

What You Get:

  1.  8" Bonsai Shear
  2.  8" Concave Cutter
  3.  8 1/2" Rake with Spatula
  4.  8 1/2" Tweezers with Spatula
  5.  8" Wire Cutters
  6.  Japanese Pruning Saw (6 1/2" closed: 12 1/2" open)
  7.  Leatherette Tool Case 

Dimensions: Closed: 9.25" x 6" x 2": Open 13" x 9.25"
Materials: Leatherette folding tool case with zipper
Origin: Japan

The leather tool case has a zipper to protect your tools and a handle for easy carrying.