Yoshiaki Pine Needle Tweezers (Straight or Curved)

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Yoshiaki Pine Needle Tweezers

There are tweezers, then there are Hand Forged Pine Needle Tweezers. 

These are hand forged. 8 1/4" long tweezers. Specifically designed and made in Japan for plucking pine needles. Go ahead- treat yourself. This tool makes the job so much easier.

What makes these tweezers different than all others is the tip. it's specifically made for pine needles. 

About Yoshiaki:

Yoshiaki Bonsai Tools are made the old fashion way - By hand, with some modern machinery. The machine forms the edges outline, then humans finish the edges, assemble and finish the product. The craftsmanship and cutting performance of Yoshiaki tools is superior and why bonsai enthusiast prefer this brand.