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Wild Olive (B1005)

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Wild Olive. These amazing trees are collected in the California mountains. They are easily over a hundred years old ( original tree) and some are carved by the collectors to great effect. Since native American olives ( these are olea olestra) branch out quickly and vigorously they are perfect for yamadori ( mountain collected) bonsai. Look for an old gnarled trunk with lots of character and the branching can be finessed. This one is in a 12" pot. trunk base of 6 1/2" and is 14" tall.

The trend toward collected trees in America is taking off, and  olives are a good place to  start because they are strong, hardy and beautiful. Adaptable to  many climates and environments. We keep ours outside for the summer ( or in a dies open/top covered greenhouse) and either in a greenhouse that is just above freezing, or to  50 degrees for the winter.

Always give them as much sun as you can, in any environment or season.

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