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Gird List
  • Collected Olive (B1010)
    Collected Olive (B1010) $1,750.00

    26 inches tall 15 inch spread 12 inch pot Hand-carved and extraordinarily unique.  A true one-of-a-kind. 

  • Exposed Root Satzuki Azalea (Web498)
    Exposed Root Satzuki Azalea (Web498) $595.00

    Beautiful Flowering lite red Satzuki Azalea with Exposed Roots This beauty is 17" tall with a 12" spread.  It's in an 8" Glazed Japanese bonsai pot. Root pruned and transplanted in 2018. base is 3 1/2"  The...

  • Ginkgo Forest (GK506)
    Ginkgo Forest (GK506) $345.00

    This Ginkgo Forest has been photographed more than 100 times. We've had it at the nursery for a while, and thought it was time to share it with you.  Note, and you'll see if on one of the picture, the pot is chipped...

  • Hand-Carved Collected Olive (WEB303)
    Hand-Carved Collected Olive (WEB303) $395.00

    This Collected Olive was recently acquired by Jun. It's a conversation piece and a great addition to anyone's bonsai collection. Hand-carved and extraordinarily unique.  A true one-of-a-kind.  The tree...

  • Imported Japanese White Pine (JWP2016013)
    Imported Japanese White Pine (JWP2016013) $2,500.00

    Japanese White Pine imported in January 2016 from Shikoku Island.  Also Known as a Five Needle Pines, the trees are established and cared for at our nursery until they are healthy and can be re-homed. This particular...

  • Japanese Black Pine (WEB384)
    Japanese Black Pine (WEB384) $455.00

    Another gorgeous Japanese Black Pine. Fondly called the Kings of Bonsai, the Japanese Black Pine is pretty much a requirement for the serious collector or hobbyist. The pine is an iconic symbol of strength, endurance...

  • Trident Maple (WEB390)
    Trident Maple (WEB390) $625.00

    Trident Maple with great potential. The Trunk Movement is Amazing.  The tree measure 21" in height with a spread of 19". It's in a 14" pot. 2" Trunk. Please call or email us if you'd like to see additional pictures or...

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