Services & Policies


We are here to help you keep your Bonsai beautifully styled and in good health.
Bonsai need regular maintenance like weeding, trimming and spraying to be free from pests and diseases. Bonsai also need periodic root pruning and styling to stay strong and beautiful.
If you are leaving a Bonsai with us, we require that they be weed free, clean of all dead foliage and sprayed for pest and disease if necessary.
Please note we use the least invasive, most environmentally safe sprays whenever possible.

Below are the rates for these services based on an hourly charge. Our minimum labor charge is $10.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: $90 per hour plus materials, recovery boarding charges may apply

  • Weeding
  • Cleaning debris or dead foliage
  • Transplanting
  • Root pruning
  • Wiring (includes aluminum wire, copper wire may be requested at an additional cost)
  • Removing wire
  • Styling
  • Advanced techniques (grafting, jin, decandling, etc.)
  • Treatments for pests and diseases

PRIVATE TUTORIALS: $90 per hour plus materials, recovery boarding charges may apply
Email us at for more details and to schedule an appointment.

For BOARDING AND HOSPITALIZATION Check out our Tree Sitting and Wintercare service
THANK YOU for bringing your bonsai to us.


Sometimes, for various reasons, people want to reduce the number of Bonsai in their collection. If you wish to consign some Bonsai with us, we are happy to take a look. We cannot guarantee that we will consign your Bonsai, but we are happy to consider them. We can make no commitment or definitive estimates by photos or over the phone. Please bring all Bonsai into the nursery by appointment. Email us at for more details and to schedule an appointment.

If the Bonsai is nicely styled, healthy and strong, free of weeds and yellow leaves, etc. it has a better chance of selling sooner.
At consignment, you set the price, with help from us if you wish.
When the Bonsai sells you receive the total of the sold price less 20% commission and any tree sitting and labor charges.
The set price may be lowered or raised with your consent.
You must pay for tree sitting and labor either way.
If we decide to list your tree on our website (which can increase the likelihood of a sale) there is a $10 charge.


To schedule a pick-up or delivery please contact us at
The $90 per hour labor charge includes loading, unloading and total driving time.
58 cents per mile is charged to and from the customer’s residence and New England Bonsai Gardens.
For example, if the customer is 30 miles away, the mileage charge would be $34.80 (Cost for mileage both ways).
If the drive to and from takes one hour and loading and unloading takes one half hour, this totals an hour and a half so the labor charge would be $135.
The total due in this case would be $169.80
• These charges do not include labor for transplanting, spraying and tree sitting, which are billed separately
• Payment is due on or before the day of pick up/delivery
• Full payment for tree sitting and other labor is due on or before delivery
If we are picking up for you, please make sure all bonsai are clean of weeds, dead leaves, needles etc. on the topsoil and well as the tree itself. If the trees are not clean, we will clean them for you. There is a labor charge for this, depending on how much time it takes.


We provide you with all the information you need to keep your Bonsai healthy and thriving.
Because daily care is so important, we cannot guarantee success. That’s up to you!
• No refunds or returns for bonsai and pre bonsai
• On all other items a 15% restocking fee applies
• No refunds without receipt
• No returns accepted on discounted items

We are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions