Kaikou School Registration

The Kaikou School of Bonsai is a two year program headed by John Romano that focuses on intensive bonsai study and practice. All facets of bonsai horticulture and artistic creation will be explored. Each class will focus on a specific task or concept essential to creating beautiful and healthy bonsai. Proper repotting, design, correct wiring and pruning techniques, etc will be studied. Each student will be given a basic course outline, assignments and supervision.

The Kaikou School is founded on the belief that the health of our bonsai is always the number one priority.

Our goals are:

  • To improve our bonsai knowledge and technique
  • Respect tradition while exploring new ideas
  • Treat each other and our bonsai with respect, generosity and compassion
  • Nurture creativity through bonsai.

Students can be inexperienced beginners or seasoned bonsai practitioners (or somewhere in between). Kaikou students will register for the two years— a total of eight sessions of classes. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Registration for 2025