New England Bonsai Gardens Offers The Finest Bonsai Products For Wholesale Distribution


Bonsai trees are more popular in America than they ever have been. People from all walks of life, young and old, are embracing bonsai like never before. This makes bonsai trees and their related accessories an excellent investment for garden centers of all sizes, with superior sell-through potential across multiple markets.

When you partner with New England Bonsai Gardens, you can offer a truly superior bonsai product. You can be proud to sell our trees as part of your brand, and it will increase your customers’ ALV as well.

How NEBG Stands Out Among Bonsai Nurseries

  • Thirty years in business. We are among the oldest dedicated bonsai nurseries in the country.
  • Thousands of partners. IGCs across America thrive on selling bonsai from NEBG.
  • Jun Imabayashi – bonsai master. All our trees are overseen by a widely recognized master of bonsai and teacher of care techniques.
  • The human touch. We don’t automate our greenhouse. Every bonsai is hand-raised.
  • Outreach partnership opportunities. We host multiple public events and training seminars every year, as well as hosting The Kaikou School of Bonsai.
  • Superior end-consumer deliverables. Our bonsai are packaged and shipped to guarantee maximum survivability, such as using genuine bonsai soil rather than generic potting soil.
  • Huge product range. From the trees themselves to our wide range of hand-picked tools and accessories, we have all the products needed to keep your customers coming back for years.

Wholesaling To IGCs Of All Sizes

At NEBG, we want to make bonsai trees and supplies available to a wide range of retailers, from large garden centers to small local shops. We recognize that some companies aren’t ready to order high quantities, so we’ve set a low minimum order requirement. We are also always happy to discuss pricing on larger bulk orders.

Whether you’re just starting up or have been in business for years, everyone here at New England Bonsai Gardens is looking forward to working with you to meet the needs of your company.

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