• Uncle Bill's Bonsai Fertilizer

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew - Bonsai Fertilizer Exclusive to New England Bonsai Gardens, this low dose 3-3-3 food is good for your bonsai almost year round. This water soluble fertilizer is odor free and especially recommended for indoor bonsai...

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  • PREMIUM | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Premium Bonsai Soil : Ready-To-Use New England Bonsai Gardens is pleased to offer our new Premium Bonsai Soils.  Most contemporary bonsai artists use a well draining non organic bonsai substrate in combination with an aggressive watering/feeding...

    $16.95 - $99.00
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  • Organic Fertilizer Pellets 8oz

    Organic fertilizer pellets. 4-6-4. 8 oz. pkg. These work well with the fertilizer holders. Use one teaspoon per 6 square inches about once a month in the growing season.

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  • Imported BioGold Pellet Fertilizer

    BioGold Imported by New England Bonsai Gardens Biogold contains several types of natural bacteria for a slow but steady release of organic nutrients without disrupting soil chemistry (NPK 5.5/6.5/3.5) There’s a perfect balance of plant nutrients...

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  • Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use

    Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use Specially formulated for ficus, Fujian tea, buttonwood, and other tropicals.  Soil Ingredients:  100% organic double-sifted pine mulch fines Coarse river sand #3 Calcine Clay. As ALWAYS, our soils...

    $13.95 - $54.95
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  • Kyoto Moss Spores

    Kyoto Moss Spores These spores produce an attractive, low-growing, thick, bright green carpet of moss. 0.5 oz packet, covers 1 to 3 square feet.

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  • Bonsai Wire Shaping Trees 100 Gram

    100 Gram Bonsai Wire

    Bonsai Wire - 100 Gram This wire is designed for shaping and holding branches and small trunks inconspicuously. Reusable and easy to apply, this wire is less likely to damage the tree.    Length: 100gm bonsai wire [1.0mm] : 155 feet of...

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  • Conifer | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Conifer Bonsai Soil | Ready-To-Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package. It's a 2 Quart bag This soil is perfect for junipers, pines, cedar, and all other conifers.  Soil...

    $13.95 - $69.95
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  • Deciduous | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil (2 Quarts)

    Tinyroots Deciduous Bonsai Soil - Ready To Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package.  Ideal for Japanese maples, hornbeams, trident maples, and all other deciduous trees.  Soil...

    $15.95 - $89.95
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  • Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil

    Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil 2 Quart bag. And yes, we have larger sizes. Please call us for details. 508 883 2842 This soil will break down faster than the hard-fired Akadama soil. The particles are a warmer brownish gold color. One particle size...

    $13.95 - $79.95
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  • SHOHIN | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Shohin Bonsai Soil : Ready-To-Use This professional grade bonsai soil uses the best ingredients available to create a healthy growing medium for your Shohin bonsai. The ingredients are sized for your Shohin tree.  All ingredients have been...

    $16.95 - $99.95
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  • Fall Bonsai Fertilizer

    0-10-10 Bonsai Fertilizer This no nitrogen fertilizer has a balanced blend of Phosphorus and Potassium to support root health without promoting foliage growth.8 oz bottle (concentrate). Mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water and apply every two weeks.

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  • Uncle Bill's All Natural Pesticide from New England Bonsai Gardens

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s All-Natural Pesticide

    Uncle Bill’s ALL NATURAL Pesticide Bonsai trees are not much different than most trees.  If not cared for, bonsai trees can be a utopia for bugs. This is why it is important to be proactive in the care and treatment of your bonsai...

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  • Bonsai Brush

    This traditional Japanese brush is like a miniature broom. Its stiff bristles are useful for removing dead leaves or extra soil from the surface of bonsai after transplanting or prior to display. 4 1/2 inches .  

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  • Lime Sulfur - Jin Seal 4oz

    Traditional treatment to bleach and preserve deadwood on Bonsai. Apply undiluted with a synthetic bristle artist brush onto dampened deadwood. Best results can be obtained when if applied in full sun. Remove excess bark immediately with a damp cloth...

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