• Bonsai Brush

    This traditional Japanese brush is like a miniature broom. Its stiff bristles are useful for removing dead leaves or extra soil from the surface of bonsai after transplanting or prior to display. 4 1/2 inches .  

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  • Soil Scoops

    Set of three plastic soil scoops. Made in Japan.  Pretty much a must have when transplanting.

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  • Leaf Pruner

    Leaf Pruner. For bud nipping and leaf pruning. This tool is most useful when working at the tips of the branches.

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  • Steel Bonsai Brush (BTV2)

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. This brush has a long handle, and stiff stainless steel bristles will access hard to access areas that other Bonsai brushes cannot reach. Scrubbing trunks and branches several times a...

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  • Hori Hori Knife

    The Hori Hori knife is a traditional Japanese Bonsai gardening tool that can be used for all sorts of digging, cutting, or weeding. This Hori Hori knife has a heavy duty, rust proof blade that is 6 3/4" long and is nearly 1/8" thick. The blade has a...

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  • Heavy Duty Soil Scoop

    Heavy duty Soil Scoop with handle. Made In Japan These are bigger heavier and stronger than other scoops and it has a sturdy wooden handle for easy use. 8" length, 4.5" height.

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  • Yoshiaki

    Yoshiaki Large Handle Bonsai Shears (A5)

    Professional Grade Bonsai Shear Whether you're in the Bonsai business or just passionate about your own trees, these Professional Grade butterfly style shears from Yoshiaki are going to blow you away. The blades on this particular shear are made from...

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  • Nylon Bonsai Brush

    Bonsai brushes are used for cleaning tree bark/ trunk and for jin. Handle is made of plated steel.    This is the perfect tool to use for gently and gradually clearing away soil from the upper roots of your tree. This will enhance visibility...

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