Ho Yoku Myconox: Mycorrhizal Inoculant Provides Needed Soil Organisms

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Mycorrhizal Inoculant Provides soil organisms your Bonsai Needs

Virtually all plants in nature form mycorrhizal relationships with subterranean fungi which benefit them by increasing the plants' ability to gather moisture and nutrients. 

Research has shown clearly that plants growing with mycorrhiza in the soil grow more strongly, are more resistant to stress and disease, and are more tolerant of drought. The plant performs photosynthesis and other above-ground functions, and the fungi handle underground nutrition-gathering and protect the roots.

MYCONOX contains the spores of no fewer than fifteen species of mycorrhizal fungus, which guarantees that whatever species you grow, there will be at least one species of fungus that will benefit your bonsai - and your flower or vegetable garden too! 

Includes nine Endo types of mycorrhizal fungi, plus an additional eight top types of Ecto mycorrhizal fungi spores. Beneficial soil organisms that attach themselves to the roots of plants. Important when you have mostly Inorganic soil. 

** When to use? Every time you repot your bonsai. It can be dusted on roots, blended into soils, or worked into soil before repotting is complete. You don’t need a lot. ¼ tablespoon per bonsai tree is sufficient. 

Directions: Sprinkle ¼” Tablespoon of Myconox directly on damp roots or root ball immediately before repotting. Or insert around the edge of pot.

Caution: Keep away from children and don’t eat it.

What you get: 2oz jar Myconox Mycorrhizal. Expires 24 months after product is open

When to use: During repotting time