Ho Yoku Fertilizer: Liquid 3-3-3 Fertilizer For Healthy Growth

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Liquid Low Dose (NPK 3-3-3) Fertilizer for Healthy Bonsai Trees

Plants, like humans, need nutrients to survive and reach their full nutritional potential. Three of these elements – carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen – are obtained through the air and water.

But there are 14 elements plants need to grow, and these are the elements in modern-day fertilizers. These elements are grouped into three categories:

  1. Macronutrients
  2. Secondary nutrients
  3. and Micronutrients.

All must be present in soil in the right form and at the right rate, time, and place to grow healthy plants.

Ho Yoku Liquid Fertilizer 3-3-3 is low dose, Ready-to-use, year-round fertilizer that provides the NPK MACRO nutrients your bonsai tree needs regularly during the growing season.

Ho Yoku 3-3-3 is water soluble and free of odor, which makes it particularly good for your indoor trees.

  • Promotes Healthy Green Growth
  • Develops Strong Roots
  • Feed Instantly with Amazing Results
  • Low Dose provide no risk of burning roots.

Directions: Mix 1 Tablespoon of fertilizer per gallon of water.

Caution: It’s Plant food, not human food. Keep away from children, and don’t drink it.

What you get: Ready to use, 8 Fl oz Bottle with Disc Cap for easy pour.

When to use: All year, during the growing season.