Corporate Gifts

A corporate gift should be as remarkable & unique as the company giving it, and gifts don’t get much more remarkable or unique than Bonsai trees.
New England Bonsai Gardens provides Corporate Gift services designed around the idea that the gifts your company gives should be talk-about-able and unforgettable. Download Our Corporate Gift Guide

Enough Already with the Salami Baskets!

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Our Customer Service Team will go out of its way to make sure the entire process is as smooth as possible

We make you hero

Bonsai are perfect for every occasion. From Employee Welcome Packages to Thank You Gifts, from Maternity Congratulations to gifts for corporate events


Our customization services are a great way to further tailor your gifts to reflect your specific brand & company identity.

We offer a variety of Bonsai in many different sizes, packages and price ranges, ensuring that giving a Bonsai tree to your clients & employees is approachable and accessible for any budget.



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Please give our Customer Service team a call at 508 883 2842 or contact via email at to get started giving corporate gifts that are truly unforgettable.


Ovention Ovens : I found New England Bonsai Gardens through a basic Google search, and was pleased to learn that it was a New England-based company. I called to ask some questions, and my call was answered by a real, helpful and thoughtful employee. What a pleasant experience! This prompted me to continue working with them for my purchase. The bonsai trees were used as a gift for key customers at an event, and it was an absolute SMASH HIT. The event staff was absolutely floored- they had never had a gift that was so talked-about. It was such a unique and valued gift that it generated conversation for two days. Further, it prompted several substantive conversations with key customer targets. The NEBG staff helped me put together a custom bonsai gift, worked within my project constraints, and overall went above and beyond making this a superb experience. I look forward to working with this organization for future events.
Jordan Robinson

Chocolates El Rey Inc. : We were looking for something a little different and unique for a holiday gift for our large customers, and my boss suggested a bonsai tree. After a quick Google search I found New England Bonsai. They were very accommodating on my requests (sending them cards to put in the box, putting our logo on the outside of the box, etc.) and gave us a very reasonable price. My customers seemed to really enjoy the gift and we received a lot of good feedback. Will definitely be on my short list for future corporate gifts.
Austin Vanderlyn