Fall and Winter Fertilizer (0-10-10) - Supports Root Health

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Ready-to-use Nitrogen-free 0-10-10 Fertilizer for Fall and Winter Months

Bonsai Enthusiast use Nitrogen-free fertilizer (0:10:10) during the fall and early winter months to encourage flower buds. And many use the Nitrogen-free fertilizer in the fall to encourage root growth while discouraging foliage growth.

Formulated without nitrogen so it doesn't promote foliage growth, this formulation still provides a balanced delivery of phosphorus and potassium to keep your Bonsai tree's root system healthy and happy. 

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes Vigorous Root Growth
  • Great for newly transplanted trees
  • Helps winterproof plants and trees 

We recommend you use 0-10-10 with all of your non-tropical flowering bonsai trees, such as Azalea, Camellia, Ume, Quince, etc. Not only is this product great from bonsai trees, but you can also use it for your outdoor shrubs, fruits, and vegetables.

Directions: Mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

Caution: It’s Plant food, not human food. Keep away from children, and don’t drink it.

What you get: Ready to use, 8 Fl oz Bottle with Disc Cap for easy pour.

When to use: Apply every 3-4 weeks during fall and early winter