Horticulture American Pumice - Bonsai Soil Aggregate

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Ho Yoku Horticulture Pumice - Mined in the USA

100% Pure - No Dyes, No Chemicals.

  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS at New England Bonsai, Kaikou School of Bonsai, and it’s the brand trusted by Independent Garden Centers.
  • READY TO USE - Our pumice is sifted, hand Mixed, Dried, and Bagged. This is Professional Grade Pumice Sifted to a Uniform Size & Dust Free.
  • TRUST THE EXPERTS - This is the Pumice we use on most of our specimen trees such as our Imported White Pines.
  • RESEABLE STAND UP POUCH - Use what you need, and reseal the pouch for future use. 

100% Money-Back - Satisfaction Guarantee if you and not satisfied.

Pumice is IDEAL FOR PLANT HEALTH. It Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention, Maintains Moisture While Allowing Air Into the Roots

ALL NATURAL: 100% Pure Volcanic Pumice - NO Artificial Coloring, NO Dyes, NO Chemicals.

Our 3/8 – 1/4" pumice is ideal for soil mix's to improve the drainage of bonsai and other container plants. Our pumice is a natural volcanic product... no rocks, roots or other debris.

  • Pumice is one of the best additive to soil mix for Bonsai, cactus and succulent.
  • It helps retain moisture and improves drainage.
  • All our pumice have been sieved to discard dust and tiny particles.