Kaneshin No. 40E Bonsai Shears

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Kaneshin Bonsai Scissors (No. 40E)

Handmade Bonsai Scissors by Kaneshin in Japan.

Jun knows the owner of Kaneshin and when he visited their shop in late 2020, they worked together to find quality tools that best suited our customers in the states. 

These Bonsai Scissors are a basic tool for thinning and defoliating bonsai. Also Used for trimming smaller roots, but you may want to use different shears for root pruning.

  • Length of shears 185mm.
  • Blade Length 55mm.
  • Weight 330g. 

Other comparable Kaneshin shears are the 40G, but the grip handle is slightly larger on the 40G and can be a little more difficult to use. We recommend the No. 40e shears. 

These tools are here in the USA and ready to ship. We highly recommended purchasing Choji Oil to keep your tools clean. 

About the Tool:

  • Made in Japan
  • Ships from the USA
  • Length = 185mm
  • Blade Length = 55mm

About Kaneshin 

Founded in 1919, there is over 100 years of history when it comes to manufacturing high-quality bonsai tools. There is no debate that Kaneshin tools will last the test of time with its unmatched quality and durability. Pick up the tool the first time and instantly you will see why they are regarded as highly as they are.