Kaneshin No. 511 Bonsai Wire Cutters

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Kaneshin Wire Cutters (No. 511)

Designed to cut wire cleanly without damaging branches. Wire cutters are indispensable tools. If you can only afford 3 tools, you'll want to buy shears, concave cutters, and wire cutters. 

Do NOT use your shears to cut wire.

Cutting metal / aluminum wire is quite different from branches. Cutting thick wire is more akin to squishing the metal in two, while branches can be cleanly sliced with a knife. If you damage those knives cutting wire, your next branch cut may not be as clean.

These wire cutters measures 8" (200mm) long.

About the Tool:

  • Made in Japan
  • Ships from the USA
  • Length = 8"
  • Maximum Copper Wire Thickness - Less than 5.0mm
  • Maximum Aluminum Wire Thickness - Less then 6.0mm

About Kaneshin 

Founded in 1919, there is over 100 years of history when it comes to manufacturing high-quality bonsai tools. There is no debate that Kaneshin tools will last the test of time with its unmatched quality and durability. Pick up the tool the first time and instantly you will see why they are regarded as highly as they are.