• 101 Essential Bonsai Tips by Harry Tomlinson

    101 Essential Bonsai Tips Prepare to prune and propagate to Bonsai perfection with this fantastic pocket-sized guide. Whether you are a budding enthusiast or a fully flowered expert, this handy book is a must have.  

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  • Beautiful Bonsai by Bruno Delmer

    Beautiful Bonsai

    Beautiful Bonsai By Bruno Delmer Inspired by nature, and guided by man, bonsais personify the perfect tree. With an abundance of superb color photographs (many full-page) and information about cultivation, you can enjoy the bonsai's beauty and...

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  • Bonsai by Alan Roger

    Bonsai (A Wisley Handbook)

    Bonsai - A Wisley Handbook By Alan Roger Simple but comprehensive guide to the apparently mysterious but infinitely satisfying delights of the miniature world of Bonsai.  

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  • Bonsai Aesthetics Book by Francois Jeker

    Bonsai Aesthetics Book by Francois Jeker

    Bonsai Aesthetics - Book by Francois Jeker How to improve the aesthetic quality of your bonsai trees. Bonsai Aesthetics is the first bonsai book dedicated exclusively to the major principles of Japanese aesthetics as applied to bonsai trees. It is...

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  • Bonsai Basics Step By Step Guide

    Bonsai Basics: Step by Step Guide

    Bonsai Basics; Step by Step Guide This simple guide for first-time bonsai growers, with easy instructions and more than 200 full-color photos, covers the essentials of pruning, wiring, and aging; and keeping your bonsai healthy. Learn the many styles of...

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  • Timeless Trees

    Bonsai Book - Timeless Trees

    The U. S. National Bonsai and Viewing Stones Collection by Peter and Mary Bloomer Every aspect of this handsome book expresses a love for bonsai and an equal love for quality. The bonsai are from the U.S. National Bonsai Museum in Washington DC., one...

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  • Bonsai Survival Manual

    Bonsai Survival Manual

    Bonsai Survival Manual - Tree by Tree Guide to Buying... Colin Lewis' great book! If you want to get your feet wet- this is perfect. Or to quote the book...'Grow attractive bonsai and keep them healthy with this one stop source...' 156 Page Paperback.

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  • Bonsai with Japanese Maples Book

    Bonsai with Japanese Maples - By Peter Adams

    Bonsai with Japanese Maples by Peter Adams With their delicate foliage, seasonal color changes, and intricate pattern of branching, Japanese maples are among the most popular and suitable plants for bonsai design. In this long-awaited book,...

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  • Bonsai: Your Guide to Creating Stands and Benches

    Bonsai: Your Guide to Creating Stands and Benches

    Bonsai: Your Guide to Creating Stands and Benches The art of bonsai display. Willi Benz' important and beautiful bonsai tree book, rich in fascinating information. The choice of bonsai trees, stones and other materials is excellent, as is the quality...

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  • Feng Shui Flowers, by Jo Russell

    Feng Shui Flowers by Jo Russell.Bringing Health, Wealth and Happiness into your home. Filled with lush color photographs, this innovative combination of feng shui and horticulture offers detailed instructions for creating artistic and contemporary floral...

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  • Ficus The Exotic Bonsai By Jerry Meislik

    Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book

    Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai Book By: Jerry Meislik  Jerry Meislik dives deeply into the fascinating world of Ficus & Fig Bonsai, and the numerous ways this species can be trained. This book is ideal for a beginner Bonsai grower, as well as the...

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  • Forest, Rock Planting and Ezo Spruce Bonsai

    Forest, Rock Planting and Ezo Spruce Bonsai. From the late, great Saburo Kato of Omiya village. The title pretty much says it all. Hardcover. Color photos and beautiful line drawings. 175pp.

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