Juniper Styling Workshop with Pete Olson - Bring Your Own Tree (Saturday, September 30, 2023)

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Juniper Styling Workshop (September 30, 2023)

"Unleash Your Bonsai Artistry: Join Our Juniper Bonsai Workshop!

Discover the art of crafting a breathtaking Juniper Bonsai in our hands-on workshop, designed for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Led by seasoned Bonsai expert, Peter Olson, this hands-on experience will delve into the fascinating world of Juniper Bonsai cultivation and care.

During the workshop, you'll learn the essential techniques to shape, prune, and style your Juniper Bonsai, creating stunning miniature masterpieces that reflect your unique vision. You'll leave the workshop knowing how to maintain the health and beauty of your Juniper Bonsai for years to come.

Whether you're a novice looking to embark on a new Bonsai journey or a seasoned enthusiast seeking to refine your skills, this Juniper Bonsai Workshop promises an enriching and fulfilling experience.

This workshop requires students to bring their own Bonsai trees and focuses on enhancing the skills learned in the basics program. If you do now have a Juniper, we have some available for purchase at the nursery. 

The instructor, who is an experienced Bonsai professional, will provide guidance and support as students work on their trees, covering topics such as wiring, pruning and styling, and creative design elements. Each student will receive personalized feedback and advice from the instructor.

Learn and enhance your skills in a fun learning environment, while taking your Bonsai journey to the next level.

Requirements for the Workshop Include:

  1. Completion of Bonsai Basics or some fundamental knowledge of Bonsai.
  2. Ability to bring a Bonsai tree - Juniper.
  3. Healthy trees that have not been repotted in the past two months.

What’s Included in the Workshop:

  • Tools, soil, and all other necessary instruments will be available for you to use.

What’s NOT Included in the Workshop:

  • Coral / lava Rocks, for example, are available for purchase for root-over-rock styling.
  • Trees will be available to purchase but we strongly suggest bringing in your own trees.
  • Ceramic Pots. We have plenty of pots available.

About the Workshop & Location:

  • Attendee Cost: $35 per student + the cost of your chosen tree and pot.
  • Duration: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. If you arrive a few minutes early, you'll have more time to enjoy the nursery! 
  • Limited Class size: 8 students.
  • Location: 914 S. Main Street, Bellingham, MA, 02019. Unless otherwise specified, all students should meet in the greenhouse labeled “Workshop.” It’s right behind our retail store – you can’t miss it.
  • Refreshments Available: We have refreshments available for sale (Soda, Water, snacks).
  • Bathroom: There is a portable washroom at the facility, starting March 1st.

** All sales are final. No Refunds will be given on workshops provided by New England Bonsai Gardens