Kiyohime Japanese Maple In Japanese Ceramic Pot (No. 17888)

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Kiyohime Maple

This tree was purchased from Holly Creek Bonsai many years ago. It was root bound and needed a lot of love. It's healthy and looking great again. The Koyohime Japanese Maple Bonsai is a breathtaking example of the art of bonsai, celebrated for its delicate beauty, vibrant seasonal changes, and intricate leaf patterns. This tree encapsulates the elegance and grace of Japanese maples, making it a prized possession for bonsai enthusiasts. With a little styling, this bonsai will look fabulous in your garden. 

Key Features:

  1. Exquisite Foliage: The Koyohime Japanese Maple Bonsai is renowned for its finely cut, lace-like leaves. In spring, the foliage emerges in a fresh, bright green, gradually transforming into rich hues of gold, orange, and red in the fall. This seasonal color transition creates a stunning visual display that captures the essence of nature's beauty.

  2. Compact and Elegant Form: The Koyohime variety is known for its compact growth habit, making it ideal for bonsai. Its slender branches and refined structure give it an elegant and graceful appearance, perfect for indoor or patio display.

  3. Textured Bark: Over time, the Koyohime Japanese Maple develops beautifully textured bark that adds to its aged and weathered look. This feature enhances the tree's overall aesthetic, providing a sense of maturity and timeless charm.

  4. Seasonal Interest: The dynamic changes in leaf color throughout the year offer year-round interest. In spring, the fresh green leaves provide a sense of renewal, while the vibrant fall colors create a dramatic and eye-catching display. Even in winter, the tree's elegant branching pattern remains captivating.

  5. Ease of Care: It thrives in well-draining soil and prefers partial shade to protect its delicate leaves from scorching sun. Regular watering and pruning are essential to keep its shape and health in check.

  6. Symbolic Meaning: In Japanese culture, maples are often associated with peace, serenity, and the beauty of the changing seasons. The Koyohime Japanese Maple Bonsai embodies these qualities, bringing a sense of tranquility and natural elegance to any space.

Overall, the Koyohime Japanese Maple Bonsai is an incredible specimen that combines delicate beauty, vibrant seasonal changes, and ease of care. It stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication involved in bonsai cultivation, offering both aesthetic pleasure and a profound connection to nature's ephemeral beauty.

About the Tree:

  • Height: 25" from soil
  • Spread: 32"
  • Japanese Ceramic Pot: 17"
  • Images taken on June 20, 2024

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The Tree(s) you see are the tree(s) you'll receive.

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