Bonsai Today Master Series Book Kit - Growing and Styling Pines & Junipers

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Bonsai Today Master Series Pines Book - Growing & Styling Japanese Black & White Pines

The definitive how-to & care book on Black and White Pine Bonsai trees with detailed instructions by some of the world's greatest Bonsai Masters. This thorough and complete book will help you in your quest to design, style and maintain beautiful pine bonsai. Includes: needle reduction, energy balancing, styles and styling, nebari development, branch development, trunk taper, sacrifice branches, bending large branches, rock planting, transplanting, choosing the right pot, plant positioning, growing from seed, care and maintenance, Superfeeding, wintercare and much much more.

  • Softcover 8 1/2" x 11"
  • 184 pages.  

Bonsai Today Master Series Junipers Book - Growing & Styling Juniper Bonsai 

This magnificent juniper bonsai book brings together the wisdom and experience from bonsai masters around the globe. Learn bonsai techniques that you may never have imagined. Bonsai care too. 

After reading this wonderful bonsai book, you will approach your juniper bonsai trees with a new understanding and increased confidence.

  • Softcover. 8 1/2" x 11"
  • 174 pages.