Yoshiaki Concave Cutters for Bonsai

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Yoshiaki Concave Cutters

There is no substitute for a concave branch cutter. This tool allows you to prune your bonsai tree while minimizing damage and speeds healing time. As it's name suggests, it leaves a concave cut and leaves a smooth finish allowing your tree's finish to blend in with the rest of the bark. Use Concave cutters to remove branches, nubs, etc.  

There are some bonsai plants that you do not want to use a concave cutter with - or use carefully. These include Mini Jades (Portulacaria afra) and Hawaiian Umbrella (Arbricolola) as when you cut into these tree, the area cut dies back. For these trees, it's often best to use shears when possible. 

The 8" Yoshiaki Carbon Steel Concave Cutter is a very popular tool that's the perfect combination of precision and power.

About Yoshiaki: 

Yoshiaki Bonsai Tools are made the old fashion way - By hand, with some modern machinery. The machine forms the edges outline, then humans finish the edges, assemble and finish the product. The craftsmanship and cutting performance of Yoshiaki tools is superior and why bonsai enthusiast prefer this brand.