Feng li Object Stone"Keisho-seki" (6.5" x 4")


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Fengli Object Stone (Gobi Desert Viewing Stone)."Keisho-seki"

The stones in this group typically resemble an object or subject closely associated with nature. The finest stones do not exactly copy the object but suggest it through a few subtle ,simple lines and forms. This group has eight traditional categories. These Stones are not only beautiful in their own right, but are appreciated as symbols of endurance, solidity, stability, strength, sturdiness and character.

These stones are obtained in the provinces of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and the Gobi desert of Ganxu, Feng Li are stones that have been naturally ground or worn down by the action of wind and sand or subsurface heat.

They are usually less than 20 centimeters across. Their diverse shapes are due in part to their size: smaller stones are more likely to be subjected to the action of these natural forces.

They may be composed of agate, jade, opal, quartz, or crystal, and the differences in their mineral content account for their variety of color. Fengli are usually white, grey, red, brown or translucent.

Beautifully shaped, they are admired for their variety and striking texture.