Bring Your Own Tree - Repotting Workbench (Saturday, April 08, 2023)

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Bring Your Own Tree, Repotting Workbench (Sunday, March 22, 2020)

Is it time to repot your bonsai? Here are some “general” signs to look out for that indicate it's time to repot your bonsai:

  1. Roots growing through the drainage holes
  2. Soil that has become compacted or is not draining properly
  3. Tree is growing slowly or has stunted growth
  4. Bonsai has been in the same pot for more than two years.

Repotting can be a stressful experience for a bonsai tree, so it's important to handle it with care and to follow proper repotting techniques to minimize the shock to the tree's roots.

It's understandable to feel nervous about repotting a bonsai tree, especially if you're new to the practice. However, repotting is an essential part of bonsai care, as it helps maintain the health of the tree and promotes its growth.

To help ease your nerves, join us for this Bring Your Own Tree repotting Workshop. You can bring any tree you have (Tropical, Deciduous, or Conifers). Early April should be okay to repot almost any species of bonsai.

NEBG has the right tools and supplies, including a suitable container (if necessary, and not required), fresh bonsai soil, scissors, and wire cutters.

The "Bring Your Own Bonsai" workshop is a class event where participants bring their own bonsai trees and receive guidance and instruction on repotting them.

The instructor will discuss the importance of using proper soil as well as how to correctly prune roots based on species and find the best position to orient your tree.

Included with Workshop:
  • Experienced instructor
  • Tools, soil, wire, and mesh will be provided for this class but feel free to bring your own
  • Refreshments & snack available (water, soda, chips)
What’s NOT included:
  • Bonsai Tree: You are encouraged to bring your own tree to this workshop.
  • Bonsai Pot: Unless your tree has outgrown the current pot, it may be reusable. otherwise, we have many pots for you to purchase. 
  • Copper wire: We will not include copper wire in this workshop, but students can bring their own if they want to wire their conifers with copper.
  • Location: Unless otherwise specified, all students should meet in the greenhouse labeled “Workshop”. It’s right behind our retail store – you won’t miss it.

About the Workshop & Location:

  • Attendee Cost: $35 per student + the cost of your chosen tree and pot.
  • Duration: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. If you arrive a few minutes early, you'll have more time to enjoy the nursery! 
  • Limited Class size: 8 students.
  • Location: 914 S. Main Street, Bellingham, MA, 02019. Unless otherwise specified, all students should meet in the greenhouse labeled “Workshop.” It’s right behind our retail store – you can’t miss it.
  • Refreshments Available: We have refreshments available for sale (Soda, Water, snacks).
  • Bathroom: There is a portable washroom at the facility, starting March 1st.

** All sales are final. No Refunds will be given on workshops provided by New England Bonsai Gardens