Large Shimpaku Itoigawa or Kishu Styling Workshop with Pete Olson (Saturday, February 17, 2024)

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Itoigawa Or Kishu - you choose - Shimpaku Workshop with Pete Olson (February 17, 2024)

The Shimpaku Bonsai Workshop offers enthusiasts a unique and hands-on experience in the captivating world of bonsai cultivation. The star of the show is the Shimpaku, housed in 3-gallon pots, boasting an abundance of branches and substantial trunks, providing participants with an ideal canvas for artistic expression.

This workshop is designed to be an immersive and educational event, with a primary focus on imparting knowledge and skills related to the growth, transplanting, and care of Shimpaku bonsai trees. Attendees can anticipate an in-depth exploration of techniques for nurturing these graceful trees and learning the intricacies of their unique aesthetics.

One noteworthy feature of this workshop is the inclusion of the Shimpaku in the workshop fee. Participants have the privilege of choosing between two exquisite varieties, the Kishu or Itoigawa, both known for their exceptional characteristics. These trees are not just ordinary specimens; they embody the ideal elements sought after by bonsai enthusiasts, including impressive size and shape, advanced age, robust health, and a retail value that typically exceeds $450.

The workshop places a specific emphasis on branch selection and styling, offering participants the opportunity to channel their creativity and artistic flair into crafting a bonsai masterpiece. It's important to note that the focus is on refining the aesthetic aspects of the trees, and therefore, repotting will not be part of the workshop agenda. Participants can expect a hands-on experience dedicated to the meticulous process of shaping and styling their Shimpaku, guided by experienced instructors and surrounded by fellow enthusiasts.

In summary, the Shimpaku Bonsai Workshop promises an enriching and enjoyable experience for bonsai enthusiasts of all levels. With the guidance of experts, participants can delve into the world of Shimpaku bonsai, refining their skills and creating a stunning work of living art during this engaging and educational event.

Here's what you can expect from Pete Olson's workshop: 

  1. Understanding Characteristics: Discuss the unique features of Shimpaku trees, understanding their distinctive traits, and their specific needs, including optimal light exposure, water management, and the ideal soil composition for fostering their growth.

  2. Styling and Design: The majority of the workshop is dedicated to hands-on activities, where participants will actively shape their bonsai trees. This involves: Selection: Choose the most suitable branches for the desired design. Bending: Learn the delicate art of bending branches to achieve the desired aesthetic. Cutting: Master the skill of precision cutting to enhance the overall form and balance. Sawing: Explore techniques for strategic sawing to shape trunks and branches. Wiring: Discover the art of wiring, an essential technique for manipulating branches and fostering the desired structure. 

  3. Repotting and Pruning Techniques: Although not performed during the workshop, participants will gain insights into the proper techniques for repotting and pruning, setting the foundation for future care.

  4. Care and Maintenance: Understand the holistic care required for Shimpaku bonsai trees beyond the workshop. Learn how to fertilize, water, and protect these delicate bonsai trees from pests and diseases, ensuring their long-term health and vitality.

Most workshops are hands-on, allowing participants to work on their own bonsai trees and receive guidance from an experienced instructor. These workshops can be a great way for bonsai enthusiasts to learn new skills, meet other bonsai enthusiasts, and improve their bonsai trees.

Pete Olson has selected AWESOME plant material (Included with your fee) and will guide the transplanting and styling of your Bonsai into it's new pot of your choosing (pot sold separately) 

About the tree - included with your fee:

  1. They're approximately 10-15 years old and range in height. They're in 3-gallon nursery pots.
  2. They are truly raw "pre-bonsai" that have gone untouched for several years.  
  3. Each tree has great branching and understated movement.

You will leave with a healthy tree ready for the next step of styling, and later in the season or next spring.

Participation Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Attendee Cost: $395 per student and Includes the Shimpaku
Duration: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Please arrive a few minutes early.

Included with Workshop:

  • Experienced instructor (NEBG's own Pete Olson)
  • Pre-Bonsai Tree
  • Bonsai tools, soil, and aluminum wire to support the class

What’s NOT included:

  • Bonsai Pot: Participants have color and shape preferences. It’s not included but we have thousands of pots to choose from.

About the Workshop & Location:

  • Attendee Cost: $395 per student 
  • Duration: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. If you arrive a few minutes early, you'll have more time to enjoy the nursery! 
  • Limited Class size: 6 students.
  • Location: 914 S. Main Street, Bellingham, MA, 02019. Unless otherwise specified, all students should meet in the greenhouse labeled “Workshop.” It’s right behind our retail store – you can’t miss it.
  • Refreshments Available: We have refreshments available for sale (Soda, Water, snacks).
  • NO Bathroom: There is a portable washroom at the facility, starting March 1st.

** All sales are final. No Refunds will be given on workshops provided by New England Bonsai Gardens