Shimpaku Itoigawa Workshop with Mike Lane (Saturday, September 23, 2023)

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Itoigawa Shimpaku Workshop with Mike Lane (September 23, 2023)

Unveil the secrets of shaping, wiring, and refining these revered Itoigawa Shimpaku selected for this workshop. Elevate your skills under Mike’s tutelage, while crafting a masterpiece.

This popular Shimpaku 'Itoigawa' workshop is a hands-on educational event focused on the art of growing and caring for these graceful bonsai trees. 

NOTE: The Workshop Fee Includes a trunk twisted hand-selected Itoigawa. It’s got Size & Shape, Age, Health, and it typically retails above $225. These were cutting & pot grown trees. once styled and potted into a ceramic pot, these will look phenomenal. 

Here's what you can expect from Mike Lane's workshop:

  1. Introduction to Shimpaku Junipers: Participants will learn about the characteristics and cultural requirements of Itoigawa trees, including light, water, and soil needs.
  2. Repotting and pruning techniques: Participants will learn how to properly repot Itoigawa bonsai trees and how to prune them to maintain their shape and size.
  3. Wiring techniques: Participants will learn how to use wire to shape and style Itoigawa bonsai trees. 
  4. Styling and design: Participants will learn how to design and create aesthetically pleasing Itoigawa bonsai trees. 
  5. Care and maintenance: Participants will learn how to care for Itoigawa bonsai trees, including how to fertilize, water, and protect them from pests and disease.

Most workshops are hands-on, allowing participants to work on their own bonsai trees and receive guidance from an experienced instructor. These workshops can be a great way for bonsai enthusiasts to learn new skills, meet other bonsai enthusiasts, and improve their bonsai trees.

We have selected AWESOME plant material (Included with your fee) and will guide the transplanting and styling of your Bonsai into it's new pot of your choosing (pot sold separately) 

About the Itoigawa- included with your fee:

  1. They're approximately 5-6 years old and range in height. They're in 1-gallon nursery pots.
  2. They are truly raw "pre-bonsai" that have gone untouched for several years. Only the trunk was wired up to twist it. 
  3. Each tree has great branching and understated movement.

You will leave with a healthy tree ready for the next step of styling, later in the season or next spring.

Participation Level: Intermediate
Attendee Cost: $175 per student and includes the Itoigawa Shimpaku
Duration: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Please arrive a few minutes early.

Included with Workshop:

  • Experienced instructor (Mike Lane)
  • Itoigawa Tree
  • Bonsai tools, soil, and aluminum wire to support the class

What’s NOT included:

  • Bonsai Pot: Participants have color and shape preferences. It’s not included but we have thousands of pots to choose from.

Attendee Per Class: 6

Location: 914 S. Main Street, Bellingham, MA 02019

Unless otherwise specified, all students should meet in the greenhouse labeled “Workshop”. It’s right behind our retail store – you won’t miss it.