EXCLUSIVE Kaneshin 8-Piece Tool Kit. Includes Tool Case

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8pc Kaneshin Japanese Tool Set

This tool set is Exclusive to NEBG. Obviously, you can purchase the individual tools, however, Jun & his friends at Kaneshin developed this bundled kit specifically for us.

When Jun travelled to Japan in 2021, he visited Kaneshin with the goal of developing a quality tool kit that included all of the tools a bonsai student needs to master the art. The tools were chosen based on the fit, finish, and applicability. If you're looking for an endorsement, i guess this is the tool kit we'll endorse if you are looking to purchase a premium quality tool kit. 

This Kaneshin Japanese tool kit provides all the bonsai tools for a bonsai enthusiast, and you'll save more than you would by buying individual pieces.

The tool set includes:

  1.  20mm Bonsai Shear (No. 36b)
  2.  185mm Bonsai Shear (No. 40e)
  3.  230mm Jin / Wire Pliers (No. 49)
  4.  205mm Concave Cutters (No. 3a)
  5.  210mm Knob Cutters (No. 11)
  6.  200mm Wire Cutters (No. 511)
  7. 215mm Tweezers (No. 58)
  8.  Leatherette Tool Case 
  • Dimensions: Closed: 10.75" x 8" x 1.75": Open 17" x 10.75"
  • Materials: Water Resistant Vinyl folding tool case with zipper
  • Origin: Japan

The leather tool case has a zipper to protect your tools and a handle for easy carrying.

About Kaneshin 

Founded in 1919, there is over 100 years of history when it comes to manufacturing high-quality bonsai tools. There is no debate that Kaneshin tools will last the test of time with its unmatched quality and durability. Pick up the tool the first time and instantly you will see why they are regarded as highly as they are.