• Uncle Bill's Bonsai Fertilizer

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew - Bonsai Fertilizer Exclusive to New England Bonsai Gardens, this low dose 3-3-3 food is good for your bonsai almost year round. This water soluble fertilizer is odor free and especially recommended for indoor bonsai...

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  • Bonsai Wire Shaping Trees 100 Gram

    100 Gram Bonsai Wire

    Bonsai Wire - 100 Gram This wire is designed for shaping and holding branches and small trunks inconspicuously. Reusable and easy to apply, this wire is less likely to damage the tree.    Length: 100gm bonsai wire [1.0mm] : 155 feet of...

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  • Organic Fertilizer Pellets - NPK 4-6-4 (8 Ounce)

    Organic Fertilizer Pellets Organic fertilizer pellets. 4-6-4. 8 oz. pkg. Perfect for slow continuous feeding during watering. These work well with the fertilizer holders. Use one teaspoon per 6 square inches about once a month in the growing season.

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  • PREMIUM | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Premium Bonsai Soil : Ready-To-Use New England Bonsai Gardens is pleased to offer our new Premium Bonsai Soils.  Most contemporary bonsai artists use a well draining non organic bonsai substrate in combination with an aggressive watering/feeding...

    $16.95 - $99.00
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  • Imported BioGold Pellet Fertilizer

    BioGold Imported by New England Bonsai Gardens Biogold contains several types of natural bacteria for a slow but steady release of organic nutrients without disrupting soil chemistry (NPK 5.5/6.5/3.5) There’s a perfect balance of plant nutrients...

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  • Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use

    Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use Specially formulated for ficus, Fujian tea, buttonwood, and other tropicals.  Soil Ingredients:  100% organic double-sifted pine mulch fines Coarse river sand #3 Calcine Clay. As ALWAYS, our soils...

    $13.95 - $54.95
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  • Conifer | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Conifer Bonsai Soil | Ready-To-Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package. It's a 2 Quart bag This soil is perfect for junipers, pines, cedar, and all other conifers.  Soil...

    $13.95 - $69.95
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  • Deciduous | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil (2 Quarts)

    Tinyroots Deciduous Bonsai Soil - Ready To Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package.  Ideal for Japanese maples, hornbeams, trident maples, and all other deciduous trees.  Soil...

    $15.95 - $89.95
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  • Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s All-Natural Pesticide

    Uncle Bill’s ALL NATURAL Pesticide Bonsai trees are not much different than most trees.  If not cared for, bonsai trees can be a utopia for bugs. This is why it is important to be proactive in the care and treatment of your bonsai...

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  • Fall and Winter Bonsai Fertilizer - Supports Root Health

    0-10-10 Bonsai Fertilizer Nitrogen-free fertilizer for Bonsai. Use this 0:10:10 fertilizer during the winter months and for newly transplanted Bonsai trees. Formulated without nitrogen so it doesn't promote foliage growth, this formulation still...

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  • Lime Sulfur - Jin Seal 4oz

    Traditional treatment to bleach and preserve deadwood on Bonsai. Apply undiluted with a synthetic bristle artist brush onto dampened deadwood. Best results can be obtained when if applied in full sun. Remove excess bark immediately with a damp cloth...

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  • Hard Premium Akadama - Large Grain

    Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil - Large Akadama is a premium bonsai soil used by Japanese master gardeners. Akadama soil is mined in Japan from volcanic soil. Once extracted its dried and sifted to various grain sizes. A lot of our experienced customers...

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  • Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil

    Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil 2 Quart bag. And yes, we have larger sizes. Please call us for details. 508 883 2842 This soil will break down faster than the hard-fired Akadama soil. The particles are a warmer brownish gold color. One particle size...

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  • American Horticulture Pumice by Tinyroots

    Horticulture American Pumice - Aggregate for Bonsai Soil

    Horticulture American Pumice Pumice is a porous volcanic rock with a neutral pH level, rich in vital nutrients that promote growth. The porous and complex surface of pumice stones act as hundreds of tiny sponges, and slowly releases them back into the...

    $12.95 - $52.95
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  • Bonsai Brush - Hemp Broom

    Bonsai Brush - Hemp Broom This traditional Japanese brush is like a miniature broom. Its stiff bristles are useful for removing dead leaves or extra soil from the surface of bonsai after transplanting or prior to display. 4 1/2 inches.  

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