• Bonsai Branch Bending Kit

    Holiday Special: 5 Piece Branch Bending Set

    5-Piece Branch Bending Set Branch Benders are used when a trunk or branch needs to have additional pressure to bend into different positions. Hooks and jacks are coated with a red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize and scuffing or damage...

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    Now: $75.00
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  • Uncle Bill's Bonsai Fertilizer

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew

    Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew - Bonsai Fertilizer Exclusive to New England Bonsai Gardens, this low dose 3-3-3 food is good for your bonsai almost year round. This water soluble fertilizer is odor free and especially recommended for indoor bonsai...

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  • Uncle Bill's All Natural Pesticide from New England Bonsai Gardens

    Uncle Bill's

    Uncle Bill’s All-Natural Pesticide

    Uncle Bill’s ALL NATURAL Pesticide Bonsai trees are not much different than most trees.  If not cared for, bonsai trees can be a utopia for bugs. This is why it is important to be proactive in the care and treatment of your bonsai...

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  • Conifer | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Conifer Bonsai Soil | Ready-To-Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package. It's a 2 Quart bag This soil is perfect for junipers, pines, cedar, and all other conifers.  Soil...

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  • Deciduous | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil (2 Quarts)

    Tinyroots Deciduous Bonsai Soil - Ready To Use This is the same bonsai soil mix you have been buying for 30+ years - just in a different package.  Ideal for Japanese maples, hornbeams, trident maples, and all other deciduous trees.  Soil...

    $15.95 - $89.95
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  • PREMIUM | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Premium Bonsai Soil : Ready-To-Use New England Bonsai Gardens is pleased to offer our new Premium Bonsai Soils.  Most contemporary bonsai artists use a well draining non organic bonsai substrate in combination with an aggressive watering/feeding...

    $16.95 - $99.00
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  • SHOHIN | Ready-To-Use Bonsai Soil

    Shohin Bonsai Soil : Ready-To-Use This professional grade bonsai soil uses the best ingredients available to create a healthy growing medium for your Shohin bonsai. The ingredients are sized for your Shohin tree.  All ingredients have been...

    $16.95 - $99.95
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  • Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use

    Tropical Bonsai Soil| Ready-To-Use Specially formulated for ficus, Fujian tea, buttonwood, and other tropicals.  Soil Ingredients:  100% organic double-sifted pine mulch fines Coarse river sand #3 Calcine Clay. As ALWAYS, our soils...

    $13.95 - $54.95
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  • Bonsai Wire Shaping Trees 100 Gram

    100 Gram Bonsai Wire

    Bonsai Wire - 100 Gram This wire is designed for shaping and holding branches and small trunks inconspicuously. Reusable and easy to apply, this wire is less likely to damage the tree.    Length: 100gm bonsai wire [1.0mm] : 155 feet of...

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  • 101 Essential Tips Bonsai Care Book

    101 Essential Bonsai Tips by Harry Tomlinson

    101 Essential Bonsai Tips Prepare to prune and propagate to Bonsai perfection with this fantastic pocket-sized guide. Whether you are a budding enthusiast or a fully flowered expert, this handy book is a must have.  

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  • Beautiful Bonsai by Bruno Delmer

    Beautiful Bonsai

    Beautiful Bonsai By Bruno Delmer Inspired by nature, and guided by man, bonsais personify the perfect tree. With an abundance of superb color photographs (many full-page) and information about cultivation, you can enjoy the bonsai's beauty and...

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  • Tinyroots Black Lava Rock

    Black Lava Rock for Bonsai Soil - (2 Quarts)

    Black Lava Rock for Bonsai Soil Lava rock is used for the majority of fast draining soil. This includes Bonsai as well as succulents, cactus, hydroponics, and other nursery plants. Also can be used as a top dressing for Bonsai trees. Mix with other...

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  • Bonsai Basics Step By Step Guide

    Bonsai Basics: Step by Step Guide

    Bonsai Basics; Step by Step Guide This simple guide for first-time bonsai growers, with easy instructions and more than 200 full-color photos, covers the essentials of pruning, wiring, and aging; and keeping your bonsai healthy. Learn the many styles of...

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  • Bonsai Brush

    This traditional Japanese brush is like a miniature broom. Its stiff bristles are useful for removing dead leaves or extra soil from the surface of bonsai after transplanting or prior to display. 4 1/2 inches .  

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  • Bonsai Raffia - Wiring Aid For Branch Protection

    Raffia is used to protect your trees branches and bark from any scaring when using training wire or branch benders. Raffia also helps keep branch pliable and prevents bark from dying out and cracking.    Directions: Soak the raffia in...

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  • Bonsai Survival Manual

    Bonsai Survival Manual

    Bonsai Survival Manual - Tree by Tree Guide to Buying... Colin Lewis' great book! If you want to get your feet wet- this is perfect. Or to quote the book...'Grow attractive bonsai and keep them healthy with this one stop source...' 156 Page Paperback.

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